Project Description

Social Media

Our Social Media coordinators offer you a multitude of services when it comes to networking such as:

  • Regular postings in order for your feed to remain fresh and vibrant, ensuring that you are constantly present with your target audience.

  • Film documentaries, shorts, promos and interviews for video-based platforms.

  • Still image promotions through digital revamping using image-editing and manipulation software.

  • Photography of your product, service or initiative.

In a world where everything is connected and everybody needs to connect, let us help you do that.

Our creative professionals at Dpict are able to provide you with all-round assistance when it comes to promoting your brand with understandings of the ins and outs of Social Media algorithms on all platforms.

Be it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other means of communicating your unique ideas and mode of business, your brand will be in safe hands.

We understand that every client is unique and we pride ourselves in being able to offer you (/our clients) the best possible strategies to effectively strengthen your voice and further your reach with your audience.

Nothing is too much to ask. The internet can be a daunting place and we know that. Let us help you navigate the ones and zeros so there is nothing that you will have to fret over when you are working with Dpict.


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